4 Crowd-Pleasing Events That Will Pack Your Bar

Crowd Pleasing Events

4 Crowd-Pleasing Events That Will Pack Your Bar

Bars might most probably be crowded in the weekends; many of them might have people coming in even on Thursdays. As a customer, many of you might want much less of a boisterous evening all to yourself. But when you are the owner of a bar, the perspective to the crowd will change. Weeknights filled with fun and booze just as the weekends, should be the goal of every bar owner. However, not many of them become successful in attracting more people on Mondays or Wednesdays.

If you are looking for ideas to bring more customers to the bar at the start of the week, the answer that you stumble upon would be “it’s easy.” It is, indeed, easier than you think, and you can make it possible if you have enough resources to carry out the work. Certain events have the potential to take the bar to greater revenue-generating business. Planning it right will help you gain a good amount of money from the weeknight too. Having such events is important in bringing more traffic into your bar on the less busy days. You must also have an idea as to when the plan has to be implemented in the bar to increase the traffic. Here are a few crowd-pleasing events that you can add to your list.

1.      Trivia Night

Introducing this addictive North American classic trivia game is a great way to allure more customers. You can sign up and purchase the necessary kit for the game, which will include game materials and marketing tools. Take up the theme of history, pop culture, or a mix to create a trivia that your patrons would love to indulge in. The competition has to be held every week, with teams signing up at your venue for the theme you have set.

2.      Viewing Parties

Arranging a viewing of the best TV shows at your bar would be another great idea to incorporate into your weeknight plan. Get any popular series or show that isn’t so easy to stream to be played on the television at your bar. Some throwback movies or finales to a series can bring in more fans, and if a few drinks side it, the result would be more impressive.

3.      Board Game Night

A game of snake and ladder with a drink to sip onto may be the most loved way of spending the evening after a hectic day of work. You could either provide board games to the guests or allow them to bring their own board for the night. Try and include offers on the food and drinks on the game night, so that word of mouth gets more customers for your bar.

Board Game Night

4.      Speed Dating

Break the ice between strangers to form new couples with the speed dating plan. It is one of the widely adored events since it doesn’t involve any feature of swiping right to find your partner. Singles can revel in here by rotating from one seat to another to chat with a new potential partner. You never know, your bar may witness the engagement of any of these couples next year.

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