Best 5 Commercial Beer


Best 5 Commercial Beer

If you are an occasional consumer of alcohol, beer would be your obvious choice because there is no better drink to sip onto for the evening out with your friends. Getting high is a choice, but chilling with your buddies must be the whole idea behind the gathering; so, grab that bottle of beer and say “cheers.” The only beverages that beat the worldwide popularity of beer are water and tea. This fizzy drink is not just a perfect companion for you on various occasions but is also one of the most popular beverages that have plenty of health benefits. Here is a list of the best 5 commercial beers that you must try if you are a beer-lover or not.

1.      Kingfisher

One of the favorite beers of all time, Kingfisher is a brand that has been in the business for a long time now. Also known as the ‘King of Good Times,’ Kingfisher beer stays true to the name by bringing in an atmosphere of bliss. The light and refreshing taste of the beer might take over only as you drink deeper into it. The bitterness of the beer could initially be a bit distasteful for the ones who are taking it for the first time, but the underlying malty sweetness is to be savored at the later stages. If you wish to add some spice to it, you could get some peanuts to munch onto. The strong variant of Kingfisher has 8% alcohol, premium has 4.8%, blue has 8% alcohol, and ultra has 5% alcohol.


2.      Budweiser

If you want another refreshing beer on your palate, apart from Kingfisher, Budweiser is the best option you have. The sweet flavor of the beer is attributed to the hops and rice present in it; other ingredients include yeast, barley, and water. This American beer is also a pioneer in the beer industry, and it has two variants, namely Magnum (6.5% alcohol) and Premium (5% alcohol).

3.      Corona

Corona is a pale lager that has Mexican origins, making it the perfect beverage to side a meal of tacos. This brand has become a top-selling one all over the world with the unique tartness that the beer lovers adore. Take the beer with a wedge of lime to experience the tartness and flavor in it at an enhanced level. You could try it with other add-ons too.

4.      Tuborg

Tuborg beer is manufactured by the Danish brewing company of the same name. This is undoubtedly one of the most loved beer brands; be it for the elegance it holds or its mild, refreshing taste. An aroma that resembles the floral canopies and the easy taste on the palate with the 4.8% of alcohol are the features if the beer that makes it unique. You can take it with spicy Asian dishes or other light meals on any occasion. Scotch Malts, Strong, and Green and Classic are the three variants of Tuborg.


5.      Carlsberg

Carlsberg is a refreshingly crisp beer that has a unique aroma to it, which leaves a slight tinge of bitterness as you finish the drink. Carlsberg Smooth and Carlsberg Elephant are the two variants of this brand.

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